SPECIFICALLY SEARCHING FOR YOUR BREED OF GOAT! has quickly become recognized as a top online  source for finding or promoting goats for sale and now you can take advantage of this quality traffic... All Year Long!

For those of you who are serious when it comes to promoting your goat farm you will be pleased to know that we have available Premium Breeder Listings.  A cost effective long term approach to the promotion of your goat farm.

Now You Can Ensure That Your Breeder Listing Has Excellent Exposure

Premium Breeder Listings are placed near the top fold of's breeders directory.  This provides your farm with excellent highly focused exposure to visitors specifically looking for your breed of goat.

Premium listings are limited and on a first come, first serve basis.  Only one listing per breed / per farm is allowed. Listings are placed in the order they are received. Once you have a spot you keep that spot until you decide not to renew your listing.  When someone doesn't renew all listings move up.

Create Your Own Custom Eye Catching  Breeder Listing By Adding 
Your Unique Selling Points

You can create listings that fit your situation and insert all the information you like as long as it fits within the allotted space.  You can change your listing whenever your situation changes.  Use your listing to promote a herd reduction and then two months later use it to advertise that special goat for sale.

Example of an actual Premium Breeder Listing

Triple T Ranch exp:31dec08

Premium Listings Separate You From The Rest Of The Pack

Location of Premium Goat Breeder Listing

All users searching the breeder directory must scroll past Premium Listings in order to 
view the Breeders directory. 

What A Listing Consists Of:

  • The main focus of your breeder listing must be your goat farm, however, you may mention other goat products. 

  • Listing placed at top of breeder directory & breed specific landing page in the order they are received. You keep that position until someone decides not to renew.

  • An image of your choice.

  • A compelling title to draw attention.

  • Add your custom info. Use as much information as you like as long it fits within the allotted space.  We'll work with you to try and fit your info if necessary.

  • Website link

  • Email link

  • Phone number

Request Your Premium Breeder Listing NOW!

Remember .. Premium Breeder listings gives your farm the best "breed specific" Nationwide exposure on . . All Year Long!


Premium breeder listing description