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Learn How Your Goat Business Can Instantly Save $700 Or More A Year... Beginning Today!

This Simple Little Device Saves Me Over $700
Year In Phone Service

If You Are Using Your Private Home Phone For Your Goat Business Or Pay An Arm And A Leg For Phone Service.. You Really Need To Read This.

As owner of and a few other online businesses I understand the importance of operating on shoestring budgets especially with the tough economy.

As I was going over my expense receipts for tax purposes I couldn't get over how much I pay for phone service.  Let me rephrase that, how little I pay.

You see with a simple change to my phone service I now save close to $720 a year.  The amount of money I now save on my phone bill I can now bank or use towards a nice vacation with my wife each year.  

When you sit down and think about it a business telephone expense ranks right up there as one of the high cost items that a goat business has.  This is especially true if you operate from a retail store or office with multiple phones. 

If you figure on average a business line can run anywhere between $40 to $60 per line.  That's approximately $720 per year per phone line.  If your business has several lines then one can only imagine the yearly costs.

A couple years back when our economy started to tank was the beginning of my quest to start cutting back on business expenses.  Yes, even goat businesses were impacted by the economic downturn. 

One of the first things I did was shut down the business line I had with the phone company and started using my cell phone which was used primarily as our home phone.  I guess you could say that was a big mistake.

Since my business is nationwide my costs with the cell phone started shooting up.  This forced me to continue to increase my cell phone plan which in turn shot my bill up to the point as if I still had a land line with the local phone company.

It wasn't until one day when I was complaining to a good friend of mine about the cost of phone service that he mentioned a phone system that ran through his computer.  He said it was called MagicJack and that he only pays $20 a year for the phone service. 

I told my friend that he was nuts that no phone business can survive with a service fee of $20 annually. On top of that for $20 a year the clarity of the phone line was probably pretty crappy.  He said that he had been using it for a few months and that it actually works really well.

So, that evening I went online to check it out decided to give it a shot.  I purchased the MagicJack USB unit online which cost me around $39 which included the first year of service.

A few days later I received the unit in the mail.  I took it out of the box and all I had to do was plug it into my computer via a USB port.  Once it was plugged in the MagicJack did its thing.  All I had to do was plug a regular phone into the end of the MagicJack.  

In fact the phone I used was a wireless phone. Within 5 minutes I had my own phone number with my area code along with a dial tone.  I couldn't believe it.

So like any guy with a new toy I started calling all my friends up to see how it performs.  It was no different than if I had a regular land line.  After testing it awhile I started using the MagicJack phone number in my business dealings and to this day have never had one problem with it.

The MagicJack Has SAVED Me More Than $700 A Year
I now exclusively use a magicjack as a dedicated business line and it is the number I use for advertising purposes.  When the phone rings I know that it's business.  I no longer have customers calling on my private line.

What was really nice about this is that you can call anybody.  You are not tied down to calling someone that has to have a computer.  If they have a phone you can call them.  You can even call long distance Nationwide as well as Canada for FREE!

You No Longer Need A Computer To Use MagicJack
MagicJack's latest improvement doesn't require you to plug into a computer anymore.  You can plug it directly into your wall so your computer doesn't have to be on all the time.  

While there are a couple of models out there I would highly recommend the MagicJack Plus which allows you to plug directly into the wall. I believe the cheaper models still require you to plug in to a computer.












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