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The Raw Milk Group helping people discover the benefits, locate sources and promote the use of raw milk.
Article by The Raw Milk Group

The raw goat milk group is an Internet forum that was created to bring raw goat milk suppliers, raw milk seekers, dairy farmers, raw food enthusiasts and those who want to learn more about the health benefits of raw goat milk all together in one convenient place. 

This forum has been in existence since 2005 and was founded by business owner Dan Dunning. After experiencing digestive problems for some time, Dan noticed that raw goat milk seemed to ease his digestive discomfort tremendously. 

Looking further into why, he discovered that raw goat milk contains all the known vitamins and a large number of the rare mineral elements necessary for proper maintenance of human health. In essence, raw goat milk works with the body to restore imbalances and to support the body's own natural healing processes. 

Many diseases that exist today were rarely even heard of before the 1920's when most Americans used raw milk and when raw milk was readily available nationwide. 

If all mankind used raw milk, from the days of Adam and Eve up to the early 1900's, yet they lived long lives while enduring the harshest of weather and living conditions, it would seem to imply that raw milk is highly beneficial to our bodies. 

More research needs to be done so that people needlessly suffering today from digestive disorders, depression, degenerative diseases, allergies and other health problems can experience the heath benefits of this marvel of nature, raw goat milk.

The raw goat milk group is a diverse group of friendly people that are interested in the uses of raw goat milk. Their membership includes all kinds of people from ever walk of life, from Amish farmers to suburbanites and everyone in between. 

This group is full of knowledgeable and compassionate people from everywhere in America, around the World and they are eager to offer a helping hand. 

While raw goat milk is their common theme, their forum discusses a wide range topics that pertain to goats, farming, and everyday life. These people may raise goats but they sure do act like sheep. This neighborly and thriving group welcomes all who want to discover the benefits, locate sources and promote the use of Raw Goat Milk. 

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Discovering the benefits of raw goat milk