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Kiko Meat Goats - Filling An Increasing Demand 

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Kiko Goats - A Hardy And Versatile Meat Goat.

By AKGA Advertising & Promotions Committee

The demand for meat goats is on the rise and many farmers and ranchers are taking advantage of this by adding Kiko goats to their operation. 

“Choosing to add meat goats to your operation brings with it many benefits” said Austin, (AKGA) American Kiko Goat Association President.


The Kiko has shown itself to be an excellent choice.  Kikos excel at mothering, parasite resistance, mature early and demonstrate fast growth.  

Spring kids are ready for market in the fall, making winter feeding unnecessary.  Kiko goats have a high twinning rate and raise their kids to weaning with little to no assistance.  They excel on unimproved forage and adapt to range conditions. 

Kikos are a low input meat goat and worthy of consideration for new and existing operations.

The American Kiko Goat Association (AKGA), a non-profit association, is the official registry of Kiko breeders and owners in North America, and the only Kiko organization able to trace ancestry to the original New Zealand goats imported into the United States.  

For more information, write to AKGA, 311 Apache Springs Rd., Briggs, TX  78608 or  call 254-423-5914 or visit the AKGA at www.kikogoats.com/index.htm .







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